(Aike Gerken, 10d) It all began wit us (the pupils) arriving at the designated room in the KVHS on the 23rd of October, 2017. Once we were there we were handed various recipes. After that the instructor introduced herself. Then she explained the Indian eating customs and said that we would split up into groups. Each group would cook one to three dishes and at the end we would all make a big buffet. After that explanation we walked through the recipes and decided which group would make what. Once everything was settled, everyone started getting the ingredients. I was partnered up with Jelde, Florian, Luca and Neels. We had to prepare three dishes so we split up to make them. Neels and I made a salad and the dessert and the others made a pumpkin soup. While we were all cooking the instructor went around and instructed people on how to do things. After the cooking was done we all cleaned up and set up the buffet. We all began eating and then left after cleaning up after ourselves. To be honest the food wasn’t what I had expected, I had expected something hot that would burn my mouth, but instead I got something that was greasy and a little bit sweet. All in all I think it was fun, but I wouldn’t really do it again.

(Sofia Masson, 10d) First we met everybody from our English class at the KVHS in room 322 at two o‘ clock. The cooking instructor, Mrs Rühmann, was waiting for us. She explained what we had to cook fort he next hours. Then she showed us the Indian recipes and the special spices for the Indian meals because they eat very hot (spicy). We were split up in groups and began cooking with the recipes we had chosen. We all had a lot of fun cooking. It was very different food for us. When all were ready we ate what we had cooked. Most of it was very delicious. At the end we cleaned up the big kitchen. My opinion is that it was very fun but I had hoped that we could also try the hot things because we all were there to try the Indian spicy food. It was awesome, thanks.